Serengeti is the brand of ATS GROUP Company. We are a dynamic team who believe that we can recreate the shotgun industry again. Our fundamental philosophy is to customize every shotgun.  Our innovative and powerful design team appears as the synthesis of our old master gunsmiths and our innovative engineers.

We are assertive, here to blaze the trail.

Our fundamental philosophy is to create original products with the contribution of developing technology and young minds contrary to standard products that have been continuing for years.


We know the shotgun very well. We were born with the combination of three generations of mastery experience and technology. We believe that we will be able to bring the firearms industry to a much different point soon.


We believe in difference and endeavor to produce original products. Our main principles are to make and realize sustainable designs with modern lines and turn them into reality. We redesign all functional components within a new systematic.


Serengeti rules: strong always wins.