Never Let Go of Power and Control

A pump-action shotgun, a true embodiment of power and control, stands as a testament to unwavering dominance in the world of firearms. With its distinct design and mechanism, it delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. Whether for sport shooting or home defense, this iconic firearm merges heritage with innovation, offering a sense of security that never wavers. Its timeless appeal lies in the fusion of cutting-edge engineering and the age-old reliability of the pump action. Crafted to empower you in critical moments, it ensures precision, swift action, and the confidence to safeguard what matters most. In a realm where split-second decisions matter, this shotgun remains the ultimate choice, consistently proving that relinquishing power and control is never an option.



Caliber 12 GA 3″
Chamber 76 mm / 3”
Action Pump Action
Barrel Length 47cm/ 18,5”
Barrel 4140 Chrome drilled steel
Weight 4± kg / 8.8 lb
Receiver Aluminium Anodized/Cerakote Coating
Stock Tactical Synthetic
Magazine Capacity 5+1, (8+1 with Extention)
Safety Trigger Safety.
Trigger Guard Full Aluminium
Recoil Pad Special Polyurethane Pad