LeGioN-120 MINI

The Legion 120 Mini offers superior maneuverability with its lightweight and compact design. High-precision sights, powerful impact, and user-friendly operation enhance your shooting experience. Be prepared at all times for accurate shots with this versatile tactical shotgun.

No Pin, No Hammer, When the upper frame is free, it can removable easily.
Safety ! It can be removable when not using the shotgun.

Barrel Nut loosening problems are completely eliminated!

What’s in the Box

The magazine bearings is designed at optimum angles. Thus it’s possible to easily load magazine in one move.

Dedicated design work was done for each piece. Fully custom processed steel trigger is waiting for you for a different experience. moreover, it is designed for optimum weight.

Hard to product, robustness is undeniable.
One piece, zero welding.

Oversized Magazine Release Button allow for easy operation any circumstance.

More, More, More !
Who Wouldn’t want more accessories ?

Caliber 12 GA 3″
Chamber 76 mm / 3”
Action Semi Automatic
Barrel Length 25cm / 9,84”
Barrel 4140 Chrome drilled steel
Weight 3± kg / 6,6 lb
Receiver Aluminium Anodized/Cerakote Coating
Stock Full Alumium Fixed Pattented Design ®
Magazine Capacity 2+1, 5+1, 10+1
Safety Trigger Safety, It can be removable when not using the shotgun. ®
Trigger Trigger Safety, Automatic Locking System
Recoil Pad Special Polyurethane Pad